By Larry Levine –

Tests of a new vaccine that may work to curb the coronavirus began today.
It isn’t a testament to the so-called private sector so much as further evidence of the ineffectiveness of the Trump administration. Bill Gates can get it done but the might of our federal government can’t. Or didn’t even try.
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A potential coronavirus vaccine funded by Bill Gates is set to begin testing in people, with the first patient expected to get it today
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In the meantime, Trump goes his own way with his “wonder drug” and silences the opposition.
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‘He’s answered that question.’ Trump interrupts when reporter asks Fauci about hydroxychloroquine
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And a state legislator accuses Trump of Crimes Against Humanity
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Dem lawmaker wants Trump prosecuted at international court for ‘crimes against humanity’
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Finally, some churches think they can do whatever they want. Read about it at
Pastor who refuses to cancel Sunday services greeted by police
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Some bits of wisdom from throughout history
Coronavirus v. U.S. Constitution
The 1st amendment does not protect your right to yell “fire” in a crowded theater.
Your first amendment right to throw a punch ends at the tip of my nose.
The Constitution is not a suicide pact.