By Larry Levine –

Dear Commissioners,

I write to formally request that the next Presidential debate be conducted with the two candidates, the moderator, all members of the town hall audience, and those needed to televise the debate in separate locations

I ask this because of the gross and persistent irresponsibility of candidate Donald Trump and those around him when it comes to protecting themselves and others from exposure to a deadly virus.

At the first Presidential Debate, with rules specifying all in attendance wear face masks, the Trump contingent removed their masks as they were seated and remained unmasked throughout. We are learning now that many of those people later tested positive for COVID-19.

One of the President’s closest aides was in near constant contact with the President in the 48 hours before she tested positive. Everyone who came in contact with her during that 48 hours, including the President, should have been quarantined for 14 days. Instead they all continued to mingle with multiple others.

From the very beginning, this President has acted without regard to the public health and well-being with regard to the coronavirus and COVID-19. The record of his dismissals of the serious threat of this pandemic is clear and does not need to be restated here.

Now, we see him released from hospitalization, still infected with the disease, and entering the White House, where many people awaited, after having removed his mask. And he refuses to disclose his testing history, which could be vital to containing the spread and protecting those who trusted him.

The President and those around him have been dishonest in discussing what he knew about his infection and when, when he was tested and what were the results before he attended the first debate, before he attended a mass gathering in the Rose Garden, before he mingled closely with attendees at a fundraising event. We know, also, that a number of members of his staff, associates and campaign supporters also have tested positive.

Finally, he told the families of 210,000 dead Americans and others that they should not let the virus dominate their lives.

I very much want to participate in a debate in which I can continue to acquaint the American public with my positions on the issues and reveal the failures of the incumbent. To do this in the safest way possible for all involved I request that the next debate be conducted remotely, with all parties in separate locations.


Joe Biden
Candidate for President