By Larry Levine –

The U.S. Secret Service announced last week it was shifting assignments of some of its officers because many of those officers had shown disproportionate loyalty to Donald Trump.

If view of that is it not fair to wonder if today’s protestors were able to “breach” security and enter the Capitol because members of the capital police looked the other way? Security at the Capitol Building under ordinary circumstances is exceedingly tight. It is beyond credibility that these protestors could have accessed the building without at least tacit support on the part of those charged with the responsibility to keep them out.

In view of this and the advance warning of protesters that they were going to assert a presence at today’s events, and in view of Trump’s directive to “stand back and stand by” is it not fair to ask why there was not a massive law enforcement presence to repel this?

In view of the police response we saw last summer to the George Floyd and other similar protests, is it not fair to ask what the response would be were those people massed on the Capitol steps and occupying the Senate floor black and waving Black Lives Matter banners instead of being white and waving Trump banners.

This is a revolution against the United States and it needs to be dealt with as such. Those inside the building should be arrested and charged with sedition, trespass and the harshest of other available charges.

The goal of today’s action is clearly to prevent congress from fulfilling the constitutional requirement of verifying the Electoral College vote in the hopes of blockading the process designed as a step toward the installation of a new President Jan. 20.

It is a page right out of the Republican playbook of 2000, when Republican thugs occupied elections offices in Florida, intimidated election workers, and broke down the counting of ballots until after the deadline, resulting in the election of George W. Bush as President.